Internationally harmonized data

Every GGS country is in charge of the collection of his data. For this reason, the data of the participating countries may be different. To maximize comparability of the data, Harmonized Data Files (HDF) have been made available to all GGS countries. Harmonization makes that all variables of all countries are as comparable as possible (i.e. same variable name, same answer options) and that the remaining differences between countries are well documented. You can obtain the harmonized GGS data of Belgium and the other countries on the website The harmonized data can be obtained free of charge through an application procedure. Additional documentation on harmonized GGS datasets is also available on this website.


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Belgian data

The Belgian GGS wave 1 data are available for scientific research free of charge. To receive these data you must file an application with Statistics Belgium. Please click the link below to file your application. The labels of the data are in French and Dutch.


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